It all started when I purchased an XK120 back in 1967. I wanted to restore the car and Jaguar had some parts but mostly mechanical. I began the search for people that I could work with in producing the parts I needed. I found a metal spinner in Indiana, wood working in the Carolinas and the biggest find was the castings in Rhode Island. I never knew that Rhode Island was the casting mecca of the world. We made more than what we needed and started supplying people like XK's Unlimited and Welsh Enterprises and Moss Motors. We were determined to keep our business small and only stock the parts for 120-140-150.

As we grew, I was put onto some very exotic Jaguars. I purchased an XKSS No. 719, then on a trip to the UK, I stopped by Hamilton's place and he convinced me that an American should buy the Cunningham Light Weight "E" 5114WK. Then one night I got a call from a dealer and he asked me if I was interested in a "C" type and of course the answer was yes. That led me to buy No. 18 "C" type, I later found out that the original owner had been Juan Fangio. I later purchased another "C" type No. 23 from a gentleman in California. Wish now that I had kept them all.

We finally made all sorts of contacts to make headlights, grills, bumpers, what ever required making and those parts are now listed in our catalog.